3 Things You Must Know Before Making a Software Selection

03.06.21 10:58 AM Comment(s)

Selecting a new business software can be a great investment. Technology can improve on the communications, efficiencies, culture and security of a business.  However, if certain requirements are neglected, a new software can have a negative impact that will leave organizations regretting their selection.  In the coming weeks, we will be taking a deep dive into some key topics of consideration when making a software selection. These considerations will remain the same for any type of business software, no matter the industry.  So, forego buyer’s remorse and keep the following in mind before purchasing any new technology for your business.


Is the software aligned with your business strategy?

·    Does the software functionality meet your current business needs?

·    How will your business needs change as your company grows?

·    Can the software adapt to meet those future requirements?


  Is the software aligned with current Processes, Procedures and infrastructure?

·    Are any processes NOT supported by the software?

·    Will you be retaining any existing software solutions? If so, how will it integrate with the new technology?

·    The new software looks great from the executive level, but does its functionality meet the needs of the end user?


Does the Software offer implementation, training and support?

·    Is there an extra cost for implementing the new system?

·    Will employees require additional training?

·    How often is the software updated? And are there additional costs?


Selecting a new software for your business can be the spark needed to lead your business to new levels of success.  Don’t allow good sales and marketing of a product to distract from missing requirements or uninspiring functionality. Follow Corvita Group on social media as we will be exploring this topic and more.