• Support Services

    Find out how Corvita Group can provide your business with reliable and responsive support. We offer clients both short- and long-term quality support from our software technology experts.

Our Subscription Model

Corvita Group's subscription model is based on a monthly block of scalable resource hours that provides clients with dedicated support specialists who understand your business and its technology. Support services combines our expertise in technical support, research & development, consulting, as well as education & documentation to provide responsive solutions tailored to your specific business needs. 

Support Features

  • Subscriptions are on a 6-month or 12-month basis. Clients can cancel with a 60 day notice on a 6-month subscription or 90-day notice on a 12-month subscription.
  • Clients that sign up for a 12-month subscription will receive a 5% discount on the hourly rate.
  • 50% of unused hours roll over to the next month and are good for 90 days from the month accrued before expiration.
  • The total block of hours for each month will be consumed first and then additional rollover hours will be applied.
  • If at a lower tier and you exceed the monthly hours, you always have the option of moving to the next tier for that month.
  • Support services are centered around your company's current technology iteration, including systemic and industry best practices
  • You will have a dedicated resource assigned to your account that understands the technology and YOUR business.
  • Includes support kick-off with your Support Specialist and Corvita Group Executive Sponsor.
  • Includes quarterly business review with your Corvita Group Support Specialist and Executive Sponsor.
  • Includes weekly reporting on support efficiency, issue resolution, throughput, trends, etc. (Provided via Zoho Projects and Zoho Analytics)
  • Can include creation of user guides, test cases, data flow diagrams, and process maps. (We can either maintain or assist your group with maintenance so that they become the stewards of this documentation.)
  • Training services around configuration and maintenance.
  • Clients have the option of enlisting a Corvita Group Solutions Architect level resource for initiatives at an additional $30 per hour for hours utilized. 
  • Other services are available as mutually agreed on by both the client and Corvita Group.
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