• Technology & Data

    At Corvita Group, we specialize in staying current with the latest in software & technology capabilities. We can assist in optimizing your current software or help you in the selection & implementation of a new technology.

Technology Selection & Implementation

Selecting the right technology for your business and ensuring a smooth implementation can be challenging for any business, especially given the day to day demands of operations and ensuring your resources are at their most efficient. In today's environment, companies are increasingly more dependent on technology; and it's critical that the investment made is one that suits your business AND the industry. Stories abound of large organizations that have taken a substantial hit to their bottom line due to problems in the technology selection and implementation process.  Corvita Group's TechnologySelection and Implementation engagement is designed to aid you in avoiding such issues.

Data Warehousing & Reporting

With our expertise in Business Intelligence, we partner with your company to determine the ideal technical solutions to best fit your business. Data is one of the most powerful, yet under-utilized tools in solving business problems. Often times organizations have data, but do not know how to best use it to gain value. At Corvita Group, we use data to drive better business outcomes. This is accomplished by analyzing and leveraging valuable data to drive improvement and efficiency. Our industry leaders in data warehousing are focused on providing you with optimal performance solutions.

We Also Specialize in

  • EDI design, execution & support
  • Integration Strategy & Design
  • Supply Chain Analytics & Business Intelligence

Why Corvita Group?

The success of a business relies on many key factors, including continuous analysis and improvement to determine your company's go forward strategy. Using ineffective software or the inability to easily decipher and understand data, can be devastating to a business striving to be a world class leader. Corvita Group has the wisdom, experience and knowledge to propel your company to best in class.