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Making Supply Chains More Resilient Than Ever

Corvita Group is a managed services and consulting provider that specializes in the alignment of supply chain technology and its operations.  Our goal is to give businesses the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently when faced with inevitable disruption. Whether through technology implementation, integrations, support, analytics, reporting strategy or process mapping, our customers rely on our expertise and services to keep their business moving forward.

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Corvita Group partners with best in class logistics technology and service providers to deliver solutions that are tailored to our customers needs. When you work with us, you join our mission to improve the quality, security, and sustainability of supply chains through the end-to-end alignment of technology and operations.

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TMS Varieties: The Pros and Cons

Transportation management systems (TMS) are software solutions that help shippers and logistics service providers plan, execute, and optimize their transportation operations. A TMS can be used to plan and track shipments, optimize routes, and manage driver schedules. TMS solutions can also be used to create digital freight contracts, track compliance with service level agreements, and monitor. . .

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