What Businesses Need to Know Before Choosing a Free or Low-Cost TMS Solution

Discover the insightful collaboration between Kevin Holmes, CEO of Corvita Group, and Karen Sage,  CMO of Shipwell, as they delve into the key considerations when selecting free or low-cost Transportation Management System (TMS) solutions.

This white paper addresses  the important questions, such as:

What are the potential risks and limitations of using free or low-cost TMS solutions?

Why is scalability and customization important in a TMS solution?

What are the challenges associated with support, maintenance, and updates in freemium TMS solutions?

How can businesses avoid vendor lock-in when choosing a TMS solution?

What are the considerations regarding data ownership, privacy, and security in free or low-cost TMS solutions?

What are the potential pitfalls in implementing a new TMS solution?

How can businesses ensure stakeholder buy-in and effective planning during TMS implementation?

What are the complexities and considerations involved in integrating a TMS with existing systems?

How can businesses make informed decisions and minimize risks when choosing a TMS solution?